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Saskatchewan Suite

Saskatchewan All Star Big Band

Released Jul 2 2021

Now available! DVD package includes a CD copy.

This is the most novel, ambitious, progressive, and challenging of projects in the history of the Regina Jazz Society and indeed, ever in all of Saskatchewan. No one has ever attempted to tell the 150+ year history of Saskatchewan in music and in the vernacular of jazz, with one of Canada’s most talented and brilliant composers, Fred Stride producing a commissioned work to tell this story that speaks to and includes all of us.  This is a brand new novel musical work of art celebrating Saskatchewan as part of Canada for the past 150 years, and telling our Saskatchewan Story musically, for the very first time ever.

The Saskatchewan All Star Big Band is the most significant superstar ensemble ever assembled in Saskatchewan  and it’s not humanly possible to imagine all these great players ever again sharing the same stage in our lifetimes. These are the kids that have grown up here, got their musical start here and then been exported to every corner of the globe and they’re players who have come here to live, teach, and perform because Saskatchewan affords them that grand opportunity.

The Saskatchewan Story:  It’s our story, and stories of everyone living here and all those that have gone before us. It’s 150+ years of stories that include everything from the thundering herds of the buffalo, heard by our first Indigenous Peoples. It tells the story of all the various settlers and immigrants coming to Saskatchewan.  It includes the clash of cultures initially, but even more importantly the inclusiveness of the society we live in here today. 

You will hear that we’re farmers, business people, potash workers, railroaders, hockey players, story tellers, writers, artists, and soldiers marching off to war.  We’re all the Saskatchewan Story and that’s what the Saskatchewan Suite is all about and telling us for the very first time.

Line Up:

Fred Stride – Musical Director

Dean McNeill – Lead Trumpet
Al Muirhead – Trumpet
Andy King – Trumpet
Brent Ghiglione – Trumpet
Dave Mossing – Trumpet

PJ Perry – Lead Alto Saxophone
Donny Kennedy – Alto Saxophone
Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone
Steve Kaldestad – Tenor Saxophone
Trent Reschny – Bari Saxophone

Shawn Grocott – Lead Trombone
Ross Ulmer – Trombone
Tom Richards – Trombone
Dave Dick – Bass Trombone

Jon Ballantyne – Piano
Jack Semple – Guitar
Miles Foxx Hill – Bass
Ted Warren – Drums
Dylan Weist – Vibraphone/Percussion

Ed Minevich – Violin


  1. Movement I – The Place
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  2. Movement II – The First
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  3. Movement III – The Newcomers
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  4. Movement IV – The In-Between
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  5. Movement V – September 1905
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  6. Movement VI – Saskatchesport
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  7. Movement VII – Thank You, Mr. Douglas
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  8. Movement VIII – Saskatchejazz
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