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Trombone & Other Delights

Audrey Ochoa

Released Nov 18 2013

With a rich, full, warm, expressive sound, Audrey Ochoa is a breath of fresh air to the trombone world. Here she has assembled a stellar band of her Edmonton cohorts, playing a set of her won very thoughtfully written originals. Audrey has a gift for melody and groove, and delivers in her own soloing the emotional impact and creative heart of someone well beyond her years. A few years ago, my dear friend, the late, great Bob Florence paid me one of my most treasured compliments, which I will now pass on, with pleasure: Audrey Ochoa is FEARLESS! Kudos to Audrey and the entire band! I look forward to hearing more from all of you!


  1. Santa Rosa Buy Track
  2. Planting Rice In The Finland Woods Buy Track
  3. Alternate Universe Buy Track
  4. Because of Whom Buy Track
  5. Song Of The Rivers Buy Track
  6. The Shadow Of My Shadow Buy Track
  7. Snap, Crackle, Flop Buy Track
  8. Zombie Apocalypse Buy Track