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Rocky Mountain Jazz Compilation

Released Sep 22 2009

A collection of contemporary Canadian artists from Cellar Live and Chronograph Records.

{you should hear the view from up here}

Featuring music by:

Bruno Hebert
Mark DeJong
Jodi Proznick
Melody Diachun
Allistair Elliott
Ralf Buschmeyer
Cory Weeds
Ross Taggart
Sillan & Young
Oliver Gannon
Tyler Hornby
Hutchinson Andrew Trio
Miles Black


  1. Sweet & Sour – Bruno Hebert
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  2. Men in Black – Mark DeJong
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  3. Must Be Rain – Jodi Proznick
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  4. When Beauty Reigns – Melody Diachun
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  5. Urban Nights – Allistair Elliott
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  6. Boo’s Delight – Ralf Bushmeyer
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  7. Blossoms in May – Cory Weeds
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  8. Mr. Randle – Ross Taggart
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  9. Colourbox – Sinistrio
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  10. Where Did You Go – Sillan & Young
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  11. Kelowna – Oliver Gannon
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  12. Six Months ’til Forever – Tyler Hornby
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  13. What To Say – Hutchinson Andrew Trio
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  14. Moonglow – Miles Black
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