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Perfect Pairings

Released Nov 1 2010

Wine and jazz are the perfect pair.


Featuring music by:


Allistair Elliott

Chris Andrew

Ralf Buschmeyer

Hutchinson Andrew Trio

Johanna Sillanpaa

Marc Antoine

Tyler Hornby

Nicole Pesce

Aaron Young



  1. After Hours – Allistair Elliott
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  2. Could This Be – Chris Andrew
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  3. Boo’s Delight – Ralf Buschmeyer
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  4. Good Life – Johanna Sillanpaa
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  5. Caprice – Marc Antoine
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  6. Dig in Buddy – Tyler Hornby
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  7. Aurora Borealis – Aaron Young
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  8. Drop 2 – Ralf Buschmeyer
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  9. Gosple – Hutchinson Andrew Trio
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  10. On the Other Side -Johanna Sillanpaa
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  11. Amada – Nicole Pesce
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