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Hutchinson Andrew Trio

Released Jan 26 2008

This is the second CD outing for the Hutchinson Andrew Trio. As synergistic as the playing was on the first CD, a direct comparison will show that these excellent players have become even closer in their understanding of each other. There’s a lot of mind-reading going on here, and it’s in the grooves. Or at least it would be if records still had their grooves.

There is also a new maturity in the original tunes. It takes a certain confidence to relegate one slot to, say, Cole Porter, and devote a CD’s remaining content to your own music. In this case, as you will hear, that confidence is entirely warranted.

There are, happily, lots of very good players out there; but these extraordinary players are distinguished more than anything else, I think, but the sound they make; by the way they approach and treat their instruments. There are a lot of different ways to pluck a string, or depress a key, strike a cymbal, or make a reed vibrate.Each of the members of this trio and their guest have a true artist’s understanding of how and when to do what with their respective instruments, and it shows in the quality of these beautifully recorded performances. Listening to them has brought me great pleasure, and now, it is your turn.

-Tommy Banks

Chris Andrew – Piano
Kodi Hutchinson – Bass
Sandro Dominelli – Drums
Ralph Bowen – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones (Tracks 3,4,5,6)


  1. What to Say
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  2. Verona’s Story
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  3. Easy to Love
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  4. New Caprica
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  5. Resolution
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  6. Life Without
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  7. Music Box
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  8. Circles
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  9. Frack
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