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Daniel Janke’s Winter Trio Releases New Project: Available Light


Daniel Janke Winter Trio

Available Light

Released Friday April 19th on Chronograph Records

A collection of originals which draw from Janke’s experience in film,  upbringing in gospel and roots music, and love of improvised jazz.


Daniel Janke – Piano

Basile Rahola – Bass

Ariel Tessier – Drum

Track Listing:

1. Song For Margaret

2. Available Light

3. Giant

4. Blessed Assurance

5. Man of Constant Sorrow

6. Eleanor’s Waltz

7. River Ice

8. Café Bonton

9. Gospel For Betty

About Available Light:

Daniel Janke’s Winter Trio is an international project, involving a new collaboration with drummer Ariel Tessier (France), and bassist Basile Rahola (Spain). The trio members first met in France when Daniel was doing a residency at la Roche d’Hys domain des arts. They played as a trio in Paris a few times and did a modest tour in the Dijon region of France, before recording a new album.

Available Light is the product of this collaboration. The title is drawn from the film term which indicates shooting only with natural available light. It is a reference to the unique winter light conditions found in Canada’s north where Daniel has his studio.

The record features a collection of original compositions by Daniel, which showcase his breadth of experience composing with narrative intent for film, as well as his upbringing in gospel and roots music. Combined with his love of contemporary improvised music and jazz, the result is an album like no other, with elements from all these disciplines merging to form a wonderfully original, diverse, and evocative collection of work. The tunes incorporate both structured and free improvisation, and are a seamless blend of North American composition aesthetic and European jazz approach.

About the Trio:

Daniel Janke (piano) is an improviser and composer based in Yukon, Canada. His work is eclectic, crossing many genres and disciplines, and frequently taking him to Europe and especially Berlin. Daniel studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and has a Master’s in ethnomusicology from York University. His piano style is heavily influenced by an upbringing in gospel music, and a long career composing for film, including Subconscious Password, which was nominated for a 2014 Oscar Award. Other recent collaborations include work with violinist Mark Fewer, soprano Rachel Fenlon, and clarinetist François Houle. Commissions include works for the Penderecki String Quartet, Standing Wave Ensemble, Toronto Symphony, NEM, Bozzini String Quartet, and the Continuum Ensemble. Recording releases include Body In Motion [2022, Centrediscs], and Crystalline with clarinetist François Houle [2022].

For more info:

Basile Rahola (bass) is from Barcelona, and currently lives in Brussels. He started playing the electric bass in 2001 at the age of seven at the European Institute for Rhythmic Arts Training in Montpellier, France. In 2012, he participated in jazz workshops with pianist Pierre Coulon-Cerisier, and bassist Alfred Vilayleck. In 2013 he entered the jazz department of ENM (National School of Music) in Villeurbanne, Lyon where he studied double bass. Basile has played internationally in Spain, Canary Islands, Belgium, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Morocco. He continues his career as a musician based in Brussels, Belgium, where he plays with his main projects Baz Trio and Basile Rahola Quartet.

Ariel Tessier (drums) is originally from Pau, France where he started playing drums and classical percussion. Ariel continued his learning by following the lessons of the jazz class from the CRR, then from the CNSM in Paris, where he graduated in 2013. In 2015, he spent his first stay in New York which turned out to be decisive.  A very active musician on the Parisian scene, he performs regularly in France and abroad with many from the younger generation, but also with renowned musicians such as Riccardo del Fra, Pierrick Pedron, Antoine Hervé. He is the winner of several national competitions including that of “Jazz à la Défense” and “Jazz Migration”.