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Western Influence

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Western Influence

Karl Schwonik

Released March, 2012

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Multi-award winning jazz drummer Karl Schwonik alongside his longtime friend James Davis, together form Chicago Goes West, a trio with drums, trumpet and bass. Western Influence is a collection of musical stories illustrating the influence of the West dating back to the American Civil War. To Karl, the word western has many manifestations. It brings to mind both the role played by the western states and provinces in shaping early North America (Star of the West, Disunion) and the way the Western hemisphere as we know it today has impacted much of the world (Inward Gaze, Off the Shores). The music on this second album from this amazing young trio shows off co-leaders Karl Schwonik and James Davis each as both musicians, composers, arrangers and soloists. This set of high-energy compositions are on the fringe of modern jazz but are strongly rooted in the tradition.

Track Listing Disc 1:

Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 1: Blue Monk - 6:36
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 2: Calm, with Resolve - 6:59
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 3: End of an Era - 6:16
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 4: Inward Gaze - 9:38
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 5: Star of the West - 3:32
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 6: Disunion - 6:27
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 8: Off the Shores - 4:05
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 9: Five Shooter - 6:09
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 10: Disunion (Take 2) - 4:09

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