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Ride The Dragon

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Ride The Dragon


Released September, 2009

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On the heels of Sinistrio's successful self titled debut album, comes the release of their second album "Ride The Dragon." This record features more experimental phrasing and exploratory compositions from the trio who make it all look effortless. That same modern, organic, and avant-garde sensibility they started with is still there. Whether you pick up the new album or see them live, as that first note emerges, you'll find the sound of Sinistrio to be as groovy and as laid back as the artists themselves.

Track Listing Disc 1:

Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 1: Irish Tacos - 6:24
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 2: Nanya Tamgu - 7:45
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 3: Sneak Attack - 5:29
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 4: One more Robot - 7:43
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 5: The Last - 5:37
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 6: White bread brigade - 7:52
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 7: Gungapooch - 9:50

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